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Our team, consisting of five California College of the Arts graduate students in Interaction Design, was fortunate to work together with City Studio, who offer a high-quality arts & design education taught by professional artists in their neighborhood, and provides a path to higher education. We worked with their partner, the Boys and Girls Club in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, to design a way to make their partnership more effective.

Process Book

Our partner for this project, City Studio,  offers after school art classes for under-served youth. They make sure to hire qualified art teachers from the San Francisco Art Institute and provide the necessary art supplies. They then partner with other organizations, which they call their community partners, to actually host these after school art classes.


One of the community partners of City Studio is the Boys & Girls Club in the Tenderloin district. The Tenderloin is probably not the easiest neighborhood to grow up in. Moreover, most of these kids have immigrant parents, and some of them are immigrants themselves.

City Studio and the Boys & Girls clubs  are filled with passion and hope, and truly believe this program helps these kids to design a better life in both the short and the long term.






We did a ton of research using four methods– fly on the wall observations, in person interviews, and role-playing. We also co-developed an impact feasibility matrix to better understand what the most effective solutions could be for our partners, relative to the effort spent.


Through our research, we found that parents aren't engaged in this program. They rarely show up for exhibitions, and often have communication problems.


The question we sought to answer in this project was– How might we show and tell the value of an arts education to these parents?



We proposed 5 different opportunities and prototypes for our partners to explore.

The ticket we designed makes  City Studio's art events feel more valuable and formal.

Parents can only enter the foyer of the B&G club, so we converted the front and side of the front desk into a changeable art gallery for parents to see.

The toolkit and homework kit allow teachers to quickly set up a lesson for kids to take home, and encourages their parents to be involved, and  see its value for themselves. This way parents will be shown the value of arts education, not just told.

Many parents find careers in the arts to be non-inclusive, so we created a poster campaign of past students. By showing  scholarships, we’re connecting to the next  career milestone for the kids: college, and showing them that they can make it too.


Process Book

Kids at the Boys and Girls club are from various parts of the world, and arts education can help these kids build confidence within themselves in this new country. We hope we have helped them find the opportunity to express their opinions and feelings through different art mediums.


Thank you for reading, and please check out our process book to learn more about our process and results. I'd like to thank my team, Aastha, Boyang, Chris, and Jessica, as well as our partners, JD Beltran from City Studio, and Kay Weber from the Boys and Girls Club.

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