Timo Grossman

An interaction designer based in Providence, focused on humanizing tech.

I'm a recent graduate of CCA where I received my Masters in Interaction Design. Previously, I attended RISD where I received my Bachelors in Industrial Design. Through a foundation of radical empathy for users, my process is lead by research. I'm a conceptual thinker with an eye for detail, seeking to bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Outlook 2.0

A project for a studio class sponsored by Microsoft, seeking to answer the question– How might we get millennials to use Outlook? This project examines the ways the millennial generation manages their time socially.

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BART Redesign

For this collaborative project, we sought to discover how we could create an interface that was easier to use for both new and experienced customers of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

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Boys & Girls Club

A team project conducted in partnership with City Studio and the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, Tenderloin Clubhouse. We sought to create impact in youth education, and show students and parents the value of the high quality arts education that City Studio provides.

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Watson ER

Prototyping the future of health. Our goal was to imagine what the emergency room of tomorrow could look like by understanding the needs being left unmet today. We explored the physical and digital interactions between a patient and an AI capable of diagnosis.

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Motion Projects

A collection of motion graphic projects including user interface, user experience, data visualization, and prototyping experiments, as well as some interactive prototypes as an added bonus.

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