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Emotion & Facial Tracking Interface

The first video is a series of mock-ups I created to simulate what an interface controlled by emotion and facial tracking would look like. The mock-ups are set in VR environments tailored to the individual users.






The second video shows mock-ups of what the computer vision could look like for facial and emotion tracking interfaces. This is inspired by technology that exists today and could reach the market soon. I believe that this future is not too distant.

Roomr: Roommate Communication App

Roommate Matching and Communication App

Roomr is an app I created to solve the communication problems roommates face on a daily basis. The app matches roommates based on their individual communication needs, and also organizes roommate interactions to prevent communication breakdowns.

Check out the videos below for a visual explanation of how the app works. The first focuses on the communication mapping system, and the second the navigation of the app. Please download my process book to see the research that lead to my result, and try the prototype!

Click to Try prototype

Motion Reel

Travel Daydream is an abstract representation of the trance state one enters during a long day of travel. Multiple forms of travel to arrive at your destination, distinct sights and sounds, and feelings of confusion and isolation.


Sci-Fi UI is a film inspired by user interfaces found in recent science fiction movies. Inspired by designers like Ash Thorpe, I created a fictional set of user interfaces and interactions.

Able: Navigation app for wheelchair users

Able is a system that makes local wheelchair navigation easier using crowdsourcing, and enables the promotion of local groups and handicap community interaction. This app would allow wheelchair users to plan where they want to go and how they want to get there easily.

Obstacle System

Business Rating

Community System


First, users could check a rating system made by other disabled users, which would show on the map obstacles like high curbs, broken sidewalks, and steep hills. They can also mark important features like ramps, or start location-based chats.

Another important feature is the ability to rate businesses on their accessibility, and share accessibility information that wheelchair users can look up beforehand to better prepare for a trip. This could also provide an opportunity to promote handicap-friendly businesses.


Next, a way to communicate with the local community in order to share recent handicapped news, accessibility updates, and more. This could also allow for local groups to be formed, local disability-friendly businesses to be promoted, and for the community to be strengthened.

Check out the video below for more explanation, and feel free to try the prototype!

Using a phone while moving in a wheelchair is quite difficult without a mount, so the system uses audio based interaction so a user can mark obstacles and hear directions without bringing out their phone.

While government action helps these kinds of issues, the handicapped remain an underrepresented group. Today’s political climate in the US looks particularly grim for new accessibility legislation.

The goal of this platform is to surpass legislation, and allow the handicapped to help each other. With luck, it will help to empower and create independence through community.


Graphic Work

3d Work

About Timo

Timo Grossman is a senior studying industrial design at RISD, in Providence, Rhode Island.


He has a focus on user interface and experience, systems, and motion design


Please contact for more work samples.






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