Motion Projects

A collection of motion graphic projects including user interface, user experience, data visualization, and prototyping experiments. Check out some animated porjects below, as well as my motion reel, ands some videos highlighting some of my favorite projects.

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Try out some motion prototypes made in Framer  for some more motion design goodness. Framer is a great tool for prototyping interaction motion precisely, and can even be used to mock up an entire application with the new tools they have introduced. All prototypes shown were coded with Coffeescript, a simplified version of Javascript.

Light Painting

This is an interactive booth i created using Arduino and Processing. The interactions are controlled using a Leap Motion sensor, which maps a users hand in 3D space.



Able is a system that makes local wheelchair navigation easier using crowd-sourcing, and enables the promotion of local groups and handicap community interaction. This app would allow wheelchair users to plan where they want to go and how they want to get there easily.


Users can note obstacles they encounter, and avoid ones marked by other users. They can also rate businesses based on their accessibility, and connect with their local community about local news for the disabled.

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